Playing PS3 Games with ePS3e emulator

Hello everyone who came to read my blog.
Today I'll talk about the new gaming software I found, called "ePS3e". I was searching over the gaming websites for some good playstation 3 game to play, and find out there is an ps3 emulator made out before few months ago. I wasn't really sure is it just fake or real so I go to research over the forums, google, yahoo answers etc. and couldn't find anything bad about it so yeah I decided to give it a try by myself. I downloaded it from it's official website, Click here.

The bad thing is you need to complete a survey first if you want to download this ps3 emulator. But good thing about this is you are at least sure it will come clear and without viruses or some crashed junk files with it. Took me few minutes to fill a survey, but in the end it finally worth it! Guess what, ps3 emulator really worked! I couldn't believe myself either. I've tried it with my Tekken 6 Blu-ray dics. You can also download games from the internet and then mount the ISO image inside the emulator. If your downloaded game is not in ISO format, there are programs like Daemon Tools or Power ISO which are used for making this kind of files.
Keep in mind that ePS3e is not compatible with all of PlayStation 3 games, but it is with most of them. So before trying some game, take a look at System Requirements first on it's site.

The only problem you will have with ePS3e is how to get it. You will need to complete a survey first. Some countries have easier surveys, some complicated ones, some don't have surveys at all. But unfortunately I can't help you with this. I can't give you the direct link or my own emulator because the ePS3e team can sue my for copyrights and I don't want troubles. But, if you are not sure with completing a survey, take a look at the next link how to complete a survey, it can help you.

Well good luck and have fun :)